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Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Dr. Yu completed his plastic surgery fellowship training at the world renowned Mayo Clinic, and has learned from some of the world’s most admired and respected masters of plastic and cosmetic surgery. Those lessons have been guiding Dr. Yu throughout his daily practice for many years, and will continue to remain close to his mind and soul for years to come.

The American Board of Plastic Surgery has awarded Dr. Yu with Board Certification. Dr. Yu completed his general surgery residency at Cornell University Brooklyn Hospital Center. He completed an additional fellowship in Head and Neck Surgery at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, a top ranked international organization.

In 2020, Dr. Yu, MD, CEO and owner of the Premier Cosmetic Surgery and MedSpa, will participate in the Las Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Conference (VCS) as a specially invited expert speaker. The meeting will bring together the world's top plastic surgery experts. Composed of top medical researchers and practitioners, it is currently the highest-level international plastic surgery seminar. As an expert-level plastic surgeon, Dr. Yu has won first place of comprehensive facial plastic surgery in THE Aesthetic Show National Plastic Surgery Competition in 2010. At this conference, Dr. Yu will explain his original and latest minimally invasive rhinoplasty technique, and he is also the only expert with both head and neck surgery and plastic surgery background.

Dr. Yu has a very comprehensive understanding of the structure of Asian noses. The minimally invasive rhinoplasty surgery is delicately designed, rigorously conceived and greatly conforms to the aesthetics of the human nose. Without any obvious damage to the original nose structure, the internal structure and external shape of the nose can be reshaped, and the surrounding facial features can be improved. Making the facial features harmonious and compatible, making patient satisfaction extremely high.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is the world’s largest plastic surgery organization. Founded in 1931, it represents 94% of the certified plastic surgeons in the United States and more than 8,000 plastic surgeons worldwide. At the Annual Meeting of the Association of Surgeons (ASPS), Dr. Yu will present 3D double eyelid surgery, forehead fat grafting and TipLyft™ injection technique that Asian patients are most interested in.

The 3D double eyelid technology is based on Dr. Yu's research of Asian eye structure for many years, and there are many successful cases. It is currently the double eyelid surgery with the highest success rate and patient satisfaction. Dr. Yu comes from the world-renowned Mayo Clinic for plastic surgery, and he also studied under the most famous plastic surgeon-Dr Robert Flowers. After more than ten years of hard work, Dr. Yu has upgraded and optimized double eyelid surgery for Asians, especially Northeast Asians, and his surgical standards have reached the level of masters.

Forehead Fat grafting is done with coarse/thick fat is used for the deeper loose connective tissue layer, while fine fat is for the subcutaneous and the muscle layer. The mid-forehead depression is filled up just enough, so is the outer/lateral portion where depression is often seen. Mid-forehead "bossing" with a flat brow ridge structure, fashioned by many plastic surgeons in Asia is a taboo in Dr. Yu’s practice. The bossing (prominent, round and protruding forehead) not only makes a person look like a new species, but also completely destroys the harmonious coordination of all the surrounding structures, including the eyes, nose, brows and forehead.

TipLyft™, as the latest injection technology created by Dr. Yu Yajing, can be performed without surgery, and it only takes 5 minutes to make a beautiful nose. The emergence of minimally invasive rhinoplasty and TipLyft™ provides a variety of rhinoplasty solutions that meet their own conditions for the majority of beauty seekers.

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